Frequently Asked Questions

How much is tuition? When is it due? Who do I write the check to?
2018-2019 Tuition
T/Th 2 hour class 3 year olds -
T/Th 2 1/2 hour class 4 year olds -
M/W/F 2 1/2 hour class -

Tuition is due on the first school day of each month. After the 10th day of the month, a late fee of $20 will be added and a late invoice will be received. Thank you for your prompt payments. Tuition can be paid yearly, or bi-yearly. Checks can be written to The Little Red School House.

Failure to pay tuition by the 20th of the month, without payment arrangements, may result in the inability to continue attendance at The Little Red School House. Additional charges for late payments may occur.

While this is a private school, I do follow the Weber School District calendar. It seems to be easier for most families, especially those with older children. Please be aware of our school calendar, which is listed here, and is detailed, in each monthly newsletter. M/W/F students will attend at least 90 days and T/Th students will attend at least 63 days.

Does my child need to be potty trained? What should I do if my child is sick?

Please have your child learn how to take care of ALL bathroom duties BEFORE school starts. Children have to be potty trained to be at school! If an accident does occur, we will call you.

If your child is sick, PLEASE keep your child at home so others won’t become ill. I will call you to pick up your child if they are sick at school. Be sure all immunizations are up to date. If your child is going to miss class, you may want to call, text or email me so we are not waiting for them.

Children that have had a good night sleep, breakfast or lunch, and a HUG are happier in school!

What will the children learn?

Oh! The places we’ll go! We will be going on a weekly adventure to all the important places in our neighborhood, town, country and world. We will learn about different destinations and transportation! We’ll travel these exciting places while studying our ABCs!

We will learn music, rhyming, sign language, colors, shapes, math, matching, opposites, phonics and sounds, science, games, cooking, art and much more….all connected to the rhyme and letter of the week! The children love to learn the nursery rhymes and will quickly memorize them.

At the end of the year, each of the children will be able to dress up as their favorite character for a fun party. You may want to plan and talk about this through the year!

Each child will create an “Oh! The places we go!” art binder. These binders will be kept at school. They will be able to bring their binders home occasionally to share with you. Please have your child return them on the NEXT school day, so that more pages can be added. At the end of the year, the children will keep them as a fun scrapbook of their preschool year!

How do you celebrate my child’s birthday?

We will celebrate each child’s birthday on their special day or on their 1/2 birthday. (If they have a summer birthday). Students can send a birthday treat to share with their classmates. We discourage cupcakes and donuts with frosting and sprinkles. Cookies, popsicles, fruit roll ups, etc. are much better.

As a parent, what do I need to do to stay involved?
  • Every day after preschool, ask specific questions about the day’s activities. Refer to the calendar about what we are learning and ask them to teach you the songs or skills we talked about.
  • Feel free to come observe or visit. If you plan to stay for the entire class, please let us know ahead of time. When visiting - sing with us, play with us, and share. We love your support and enthusiasm for learning.
  • The children will be ready and waiting to be picked up at the end of class. PLEASE BE ON TIME and WAITING in your car when your child’s class ends…especially in bad weather. If you are more than 10 minutes late, a $10 fee may be charged for each additional 10 minutes.
  • Please read the Safety Reminders so that you will become familiar with drop off and pick up procedures.
  • In the MWF classes on Fridays, your child will have the opportunity to take home the Snack Bag! Please try to send healthy snacks. You may even want to be creative and send a snack that relates to our letter of the week! This is always fun for the kids! There is no need to send a drink; I have cups for water. WE ARE A PEANUT-FREE CLASSROOM! All other days, a small snack will be provided for your child.
  • We go outside most days for activities. Please dress your child for the weather and in clothes that can be played and painted in! We get messy sometimes! Choose shoes that stay on and that your child can run in (sneakers). Please practice putting on coats independently! Children will not be allowed to play outside without boots on wet and snowy days. Please label all clothes, boots, mittens, etc. that comes to school.